Veracruz, Mexico

Veracruz, Mexico

Horizon Auto Logistics operates on prime waterfront land inside the old port of Veracruz. The company’s main yard and Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) activities are based at the Puente Villa Rica facility, 15km or 9 miles outside the port of Veracruz. The facilities can be directly accessed by road and are also located next to FerroMex and KCSM rail connecting with the port.

Optimal connections

The external yard location provides us with the opportunity to manage inventory efficiently inside the port, avoiding congestion. It further provides an improved climate in terms of less salinity and wind which means the yard can function as a distribution center and long-term storage. We operate our own fleet of car haulers providing full management control of in and outbound flows between the port, the external yard and also the automotive production plants and automotive dealer networks.

Safe ground

Operations are conducted on scalable land inside the port, to meet the capacity requirements day by day while the total footprint at the external yard is 106 acres, providing an annual throughput capacity of over 500,000 cars. The facility is fully stabilized, paved, fenced, lighted, secured (CCTV with 24/7 security) and includes a state of the art VPC building with equipment and tools capable of providing any technical service’s.


• ​32,000 sqft VPC and warehouse structure ​​
• ​3,000 sqft undercoating facility
• ​5,000 sqft wash basin​


Horizon Auto Logistics offers a full range of finished vehicle supply chain services such as Port and Vessel Operations, Yard Management, Vehicle Processing including Homologation Services, Equipment Processing, Storage, PDI Services, Inland Transportation and Distribution Management.